Working with the PASS data: User Guide Examples in SPSS

MR_08-15_ENWhile the PASS Scientific Use File has been available in SPSS format since wave 1, PASS support documents for SPSS users have not been available so far. With the recent release of a new Quick Start File the PASS team now provides all the worked examples from the PASS User Guide originally done in Stata as SPSS/PASW code. This includes examples for merging household, individual, spell and weight datsets, as well as using the cross-sectional and longitudinal weights for projections to different populations.

PASS Quick Start File – Analysing the PASS data using SPSS/PASW

SPSS pitfalls: Combining files with custom variable attributes

Adding custom variable-attributes is a useful feature of SPSS available since version 14 of 2005. It can be used to assign additional information to variables and store it with the survey data, e.g. metadata or paradata. However, compared to the attributes reserved by SPSS (like variable labels or value labels), user-defined attributes demand extra attention and there are some pitfalls to look out for. SPSS pitfalls: Combining files with custom variable attributes weiterlesen